Women as a Force for Change~ Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction Outline of JWNDRR’s Report of Activities Symposium


1) Objective

pdfIn March 2015, the Third UN World Conference on DRR (WCDRR3) was held in Sendai and the ‘Sendai Framework for DRR 2015-2030 (SFDRR)’ was adopted as the new framework for action. At this symposium we would like to hold a discussion on how gender perspectives have been included in the new framework, what legislative amendments must take place in Japan to reflect these and how they should be implemented around the world. In the first part of the session, we will report on WCDRR3 and our public forum and in the second part we will hold a panel discussion on how we should approach the SFDRR from the perspective of gender with the objective of contributing to the building of a more resilient world.

2) Organisers

Japan Women’s Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (President:Akiko Domoto); Japan Association for Women’s Education (President Yasuko Muramatsu)

3) Date

18 June 2015, 6.30~8.30 PM

4) Venue

Tokyo Women’s Plaza, 5-53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

5) Target participants

officials in charge of disaster/recovery at local/municipal government level; officials/bureaucrats from gender equality sections of governments; officials from local gender equality centers; NGO/NPO members; etc. (total target participants: 200)

6) Method of making a reservation

People wanting to attend the symposium are asked to tell us their name, telephone number and email address. Reservations maybe made through E-mail ( ) or TEL・FAX (03-6435-6355)

7) Charge for documents

500 yen

8) Program

IMG_848618.00 Venue opens

IMG_850118.30 Symposium begins
Welcome address from Hiroko Hara, JWNDRR Vice President

18.35 – 19.25 Part 1 – Reports of the 3rd UN World Conference on DRR (WCDRR3)

(1) ‘Organizing the WCDRR3’
Mr. Kaoru Saito (Director for Disaster Preparedness, Public Relations and International Cooperation, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan) (20 mins)
  IMG_8510 IMG_8515 IMG_8518

(2) ‘Women’s Major Group~ Actions and Outcomes
and JWNDRR’s Public Forum (March 18)’

Ms. Akiko Domoto (President, JWNDRR) (20 mins)
  IMG_8537 IMG_8555
  IMG_8557 IMG_8566

(3) ‘Training Programs in Japan – Implementation and Challenges’
Ms. Yasuko Muramatsu (President, JAWE) (10 mins)

BREAK (5 mins)

19.30 – 20.25 Part 2 – Panel Discussion on gender responsive approaches to the Sendai Framework for DRR 2015-2030
  IMG_8609 IMG_8612
  IMG_8617 IMG_8621

Coordinator: Kuniko Funabashi (President, Beijing JAC, JWNDRR member)

Ms. Machi Doi (Team Leader, Community DRR, General Affairs Division, Gender Equality Bureau)
Mr. Shigehiro Goda (Administration Director, Peaceboat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center)
Ms. Sumie Ishii (Chairperson, Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning, JOICFP)
Ms. Megumi Ishimoto (Director, Women’s Eye)

  IMG_8634 IMG_8637 IMG_8652
  IMG_8658 IMG_8661 IMG_8665
  IMG_8681 IMG_8689 IMG_8691

20.25 Closing address

20.30 Symposium ends
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9) Acknowledgement

This symposium is made possible by the sponsorship of the Qatar Friendship Fund.